Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Before repeating a bit of "Sirens" we talked about Mason's search for siren music and how he came to find a piece in Quechua.
Everyone went home happy, including, we hope, the numerous music critics who were present, and representatives of the Gerbode and Hewlett Foundations which helped us put on this program! It was great that they were there. The good thing for us, now, having done it once, is that we do it four more times this week. Tomorrow night in Santa Clara, then in San Francisco Friday Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. James Gregory Peebles is a fantastic addition to your ensemble! I have known him since we were children and can honestly say I have never met before or since a more talented musician! Congrats Gregory! Love seeing you sitting so pretty on church steps again-btw-this church really favors the BIG BLUE BARN in Hartselle(First United Methodist) dontcha think?! Much love! Jennifer Templeton Snell