Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November: Fort Worth, Texas

As always, a huge treat to sing in Bass Hall for a packed house.

t is the mission of Bass Hall to get every student in Fort Worth into the Hall at least once a year. There were 1700 students at our concert, including all of the high school choral singers we had worked with yesterday. We love seeing them in the lobby afterwards!

So long, Texas, we'll miss you and your legendary hospitality, but we're movin' on to Santa Fe!

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  1. I attended your wonderful concert last night. The thing that struck me the most was that you could gather 1,700+ high school kids in a concert hall and (for the most part!) hear a pin drop! Knowing that there are young people that can appreciate true talent instead of--or at least in addition to--much of our "manufactured talent" these days is refreshing. The thunderous applause you received from all of us was very well deserved!