Saturday, April 17, 2010

April: Premiere of Sametz work, standing ovation in Bethlehem, PA

This performance at the Zoellner Center included the premiere of Steven Sametz' three-movement "Not an end of loving" to poetry by Walt Whitman. Chanticleer's repertoire has long included Sametz' "I have had singing" and "In time of..." (the latter having given its name to our tour program this year.) Steven's music has always been a huge audience-pleaser, and we are sure that "Not an end of loving" will have the same effect wherever it is heard. The audience in Bethlehem certainly seemed to appreciate it, and we loved singing it.

Matt Oltman and Steven Sametz

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  1. "in time of" is an astounding piece. Just listened again on this Valentine's Day to your recording of it on the Color of Love CD. The piece is ingenious, heart-rending, soothing, serene, loving, and, above all, powerfully expressive. Is there a better contemporary choral work?
    Fred Gable, UC Riverside