Sunday, September 19, 2010

September: sad news to report

We have learned of the passing of Ken Fitch, counter tenor in the ensemble from 1988-1997.  Eric Alatorre remembers him:

Ken was an alum of the Royal College in London, sang with the Boston Camerata in Boston, eventually with Frank Albinder in that group. He came to Chanticleer as one of its core members when there was still a split between the 8 full time members who toured and the 4 part time who did local / large projects and recording. He was hired as a soprano, but really loved the top alto chair, and was a soloist in several Chanticleer recordings including: Virgen Sancta, A un niño llorando, Stormy Weather, and other solos in the Mexican Baroque series we did. He was a loyal husband, loving father, and not only a good friend, but a patient mentor to me in my early years. He lived in Napa, and commuted to SF every day, but always was a cheerful and upbeat despite being away from his family so much. He was also the last person in the group who had a child, until last year. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen, and his son John.

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  1. It was with a sad heart that I heard of Ken's passing. I, like Eric, was in my first years of my tenure in Chanticleer, and often I was the very willing recipient of Ken's protracted stories at Longna's restaurant down the street from St. Matthews. I often remember him fondly and will plop in a cd or two tonight to hear his voice once again. Rest well, my friend, and good journey. We will miss you. Love, David M.