Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April: Shanghai

Looks like lots of other tours, but remember we just flew 13 hours non stop from San Francisco and got through the airport in Shanghai in an amazingly short time, considering that announcements seemed to be indicating people arriving from the West Coast might be quarantined. We weren't...

After a few hours in the now legendary Shanghai traffic, we arrived to a warm welcome from our hotel where we'll be for the next five days.

Our little corner of Shanghai. Upon arrival we ventured out to the corner for dinner to be amazed ( some of us) at the vast variety of things that get eaten here. We've led a sheltered life! Today Thursday is our day off to recover from the journey, so we'll go see the town ( and of course rest up some). Our patron group assembles this afternoon, then it's all go for the next 10 days...

Our tour will begin tomorrow night in the famous garden city of Suzhou at the Grand Theater, opened less than two years ago, which houses a concert hall, dinner theater and Imax - an ingenious combination! We'll travel there by bus tomorrow morning.

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