Tuesday, April 21, 2009


  1. Thank you so much for all your advice. I know it will help us a lot. I hope we get to see you again, because it was very fun working with you guys. And you are very talented and it was a pleasure working with you guys. Once again thank you.

    Cassie W.

  2. Dear Chanticleer,

    Thank you very much. Your advice really helped, and we had so much fun doing the song "Music Down In My Soul," all thanks to you. We had a lot of fun spending the day with you and you guys are Very Talented. Thank you,

    Breanna H.

  3. Dear Chanticleer,

    Thank you for helping us with our facial expresion because our choir teacher has been trying to tell us to do that a lot more. Also thanks for helping us lossen up for up beat songs. I would love to see you guys in Hibbing again.

    Kayla Bye

  4. Dear Chanticleer,
    Thank you so much for coming to Hibbing for the day and working with us. I think that helping us loosen up was the perfect thing. I know our choir director was very happy to hear you were coming. THANK YOU !!!!
    Samantha C.

  5. Chanticleer your the best!! Thanks for coming! Hope to have the honor of hearing you guys live again!!

    -EZRA C.-

  6. Thank you for coming to Hibbing for the day! We all had so much fun and learned a lot! Hope to see you again!
    -Lauren A

  7. Thank you for coming to Hibbing! Out of every place we as a choir would never have guessed it would be a professional group like you guys! Thanks so much for a fun filled day and thanks for teaching us all of the wonderful things you guys had to teach! Hope to see you in the future!

  8. Hey guys!!! It was so much fun getting to work to work with you and it was so much help. I think we really improved our technique. You are really talented group and i could only wish to be half as good as you. Again Thank You for comong to Hibbing and i hope to see you again in the future!!!

    Amanda N.