Friday, February 5, 2010

February: Brugge, the Concertgebouw

Those of you awaiting our every word - for example our faithful blog-following mothers - may notice that this post is coming to you as our concert is just getting started in Brugge, Belgium. That's not our usual practice, but tomorrow we have a 5am departure and thought we should better be trying to sleep than blogging after the concert. We did want you to know we're here, where we're supposed to be...

After a four hour bus ride through the rain and mist from our ultra-modern brand new hotel in Luxembourg, we find ourselves in the little hotel in Brugge where we stayed last time. It's kind of like going into a shoe. Like the hotel in Luxembourg, it's a few steps to the hall, which of course we appreciate.

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  1. This blog-following-mom very much appreciates the entertaining updates and photos, to be sure!