Friday, April 9, 2010

Our concert was in the Colonial, built in l924 for vaudeville and movies - a very cozy theater with an incredibly receptive audience - possibly the most ecstatic response to Orlando Gibbons we've ever seen up close from the stage on the part of one audience member! Lots of choral people were there.

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  1. Loved the concert in Keene! You're right, the audience was filled with choral people either from the college, high schools or local choruses, including some of the "village harmony" groups. Judging by the sea of grey hair in the crowd, I'd say you didn't attract many college students, and that's a pity. Someone will have to do a better job of marketing your next concert to the younger generation. Come back often! If not to Keene, then maybe to The Northampton (MA) Academy of Music or the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield (MA), also beautiful old theaters. Or, the Green Auditorium at Smith College in Northampton, which is bigger than all three and home of a wildly popular annual college a cappella concert (the first Sunday in February). It's always sells out.