Thursday, August 14, 2008

August: Schleswig-Holstein Festival- Bad Oldesloe

Intermission outdoors. The audience was HIGHLY enthusiastic and demanded ( and got) three encores, the last of which was a repeat of Mahler's "Ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen" - everybody's favorite (including us.) A good thing about coming to Germany is that Eric gets to see his parents-in-law. Gerhard was saying to Eric that this was the best Chanticleer concert he's ever heard.


  1. I've been in Oldesloe! Believe me: It was great to hear those beautiful voices, this brilliant choir. Thank you for an amazing, touching and phantastic evening. The next time your're over, I'll be there.

    Carsten from Luebeck, a new great fan of Chanticleer!

  2. I felt very sad since I knew, that it would be impossible for me to hear you neither in Meldorf nor in Bad Oldeslohe. Now I read that I missed THIS Mahler TWICE in ONE concert :-(((
    Hope to hear you again very soon in Germany- looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin!!!